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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 19, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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are responsible for the bombing at the marathon on monday. >> a massive manhunt is underway this morning for a suspect believed to be behind the boston marathon bombing. authority say that the other suspect is dead, the entire city of boston is on lockdown right now. >> those two men are suspected of killing and m- i-t police officer at the college last night, then stealing a car at gunpoint. >> we want to get right to the latest out of boston this morning. as we said, once suspect in the boston marathon mom is dead this morning. now police are on a massive manhunt for the second suspect. pamela
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brown is in boston with the latest. >> boston is on a edge to this morning after a night of violence and chaos. police responded to the campus where a officer was shot and killed at a.m.-i-t. that was just the beginning and that action sprung up at a nearby community where a carjacking may have involved explosives. gunfire was exchanged and one officer was shot. >> we believe that one of the suspect was struck and all ultimately take it into custody. a second suspect was able to flee from the scene. >> the district attorney stated that the first suspect has died. there are looking for a man who matches the description of the second suspect. he is wanted by the fbi. a door to
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door manhunt is underway. >> we are asking everyone to a shelter in place and not to leave their homes. >> we have learned from sources said the two suspects are related, they are brothers. they moved to the united states a couple of years ago. we spoke to a neighbor and he stated that he is very shot of what has transpired. >> here is a map of where this all took place. >> police explain how the night of terror played out. >> we have since learned that one of the suspects have died from gunshot wounds at a local hospital. police are warning residents in the area to stay in their homes and not answer the door unless you know it is a police officer. >> a police officer was shot
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on campus and he is expired as a result from the wounds. there was a carjacking that took place involving a suv. this vehicle was discovered here in water top and it was pursued by the police department. the pursuit went into a residential neighborhood not far from here and there was an exchange of gunfire between watertown police and to suspects in this vehicle. during the course of the pursued several shots were fired and exchange we believe that one of the suspects were struck and all ultimately taken into custody. a second suspect was able to flee from the car and there is an active search going on right now. a police officer was
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struggling the exchange of gunfire and he is currently in the hospital in critical condition. there is an active search by tactical team from the state police, and the boston police department. the watertown police department is also involved. >> here is what we know about dzhokhar tsarnaev the suspect still at large. he is 19 years old, the brother of suspect number one. he is from russia, chechnya. he has been in the u.s. for about 10 years. this photo was taken born a robbery at a 7-eleven in cambridge last
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night. >> many residents in the area witness the car chase and the explosion with the suspects. here's one resident described in what he saw and what he heard. >> the shootout with police in the up with the death of older brother and a lot of residents heard this trace and heard the explosion and the gunfire when this went down. >> i thought i heard firecrackers. i heard
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gunshots and then i saw the explosion. i actually saw a black suv go down the street. it looked like it had hit a police car and they were just shooting at a. i must occur about 60 gunshots. >> what was the explosion like? >> it shook my house. >> supporters are urging residents and watertown, new town, waltham, bill mott, a cambridge and boston austin bryson neighborhood of boston to stay indoors. all mass transit has been shut down. >> they're want to make sure there are no innocent bystanders on the street. >> stay with kron 4 as we have the continuing coverage for the younger brother. older n
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killed and this was probably while you were sleeping. state-owned to kron4 and our 24/7 channel, comcast channel 193. >> we will not get a quick update on our weather and traffic. >> temperatures right now are very similar to what they were 24 hours of go. we do have some changes to talk about in the forecast. here is a live look that satellite and radar. we are dry and clear over the bay area. there is activity to ignore that is affecting areas. we will see a cooler day along the coastline. they let community is talking about eighties and
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we will have full details coming up. >> we know the bay bridge toll plaza looks good and the metering lights have not been activated. we're still looking at mostly light traffic conditions. if you're quick commute check shows that on the east commute check it is still confined to highway 4 and interstate 580. other freeways are also doing well. >> the time is 6:08 a.m. and there is no driving home around the boston area. they have no mass transit and police are staying off the streets. they're searching for a suspect who is involved with the mayor of palm bombing. blue younker brother is on bulls and the older brother has been killed. >> we will be right back.
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♪ ♪ th te best part of wakin' ♪♪ is ifolgers in your cup >> welcome back. the time is 6:11 a.m.. >> here is what we know wabout dzhokhar tsarnaev the suspect is still at large. he is 19 years old. his older brother was
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killed. most are from russia, chechnya and have been in the united states for about 10 years. this photo was taken during robbery at a 7-eleven in cambridge last night. >> there are some reports- testis fall was taking in cambridge and this is what alternately is why a police chase happened. there was a shootout with police and the suspect was throwing bombs at police officers. >> the older brother-test a father talked about the 26 year-old who was killed and he is stating that his son is an angel. he was a second
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year medical student and he is very intelligent. he stated that he expected him to come home for a holiday. this information is just coming in from the associated press. >> this is the brother, the
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father-tested system uncle and you just heard him dewberrmay very forthcoming. >> you heard him give bobby address of what is the father's address. obviously, this is something that the police will be looking into. as you concede in this video
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more officers and tactical der entering homes. >> we will be right back with more of the latest. the search for the last suspect involved. one was killed, the other one is still on a lows. if this is a very dangerous situation in the boston [ birds chirping ]
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>> welcome back. here is what we know all about dzhokhar tsarnaev the suspect is still at large. he has been identified as a 900. his older brother was killed. both of them are from russia, and chechnya. they have been in the united states for a lease 10 years. this photo was taken on the robbery at a 711 and cambridge last night. >> this is what launched the events that happened last night. here are pictures there were taken from russia's version of facebook. they showed the
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second suspect police are looking for. >> there is also some you tube activity as well as drivers license photos. if they know exactly who they are looking for. he is considered to be extremely dangerous considering the fact that the two brothers led police on a chase after robbing a 711. they killed a m-i-t officer and a transit officer was injured. they also carjacked someone. they did let the driver go. he was unharmed. they were throwing bombs at the police
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officers and that is when the 26 year-old was killed. they stated that found explosives on his body. they are very concerned for residents because they have to focus on watertown but the word for the shelter and a transit lockdown and the schools are not being in session as well. this is extended for the whole area of boston. >> we have been hearing from residents of how the scene has been like. >> this is my home. i received my driver's license here. it is scary, this is like a war zone. people who are in the bay area are locked down. people are coming into the house searching, we are horrified.
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>> this is video police searching in the kenmore square area in boston. they're not sure if he is hiding in someone's backyard. this is what the residents have been experiencing if that they have been within up by police with guns telling them to get out of their own. this has been a very intense night and when i say locked down that meets all mass transit. if they shut the entire system down so no businesses, no schools, no work is being done in boston right now. >> we have confirmed with the governor and the mayor of boston as well as the surrounding city officials
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and the governor has immediately suspended all public transportation services on the mta system that is buses, and subways. all transit services through them has been immediately suspended. >> here is a another look a video from the kenmore square area. there are bomb squad technicians looking at items. we have multiple angles and there are tactical team's going door to door. they are looking at anything that may be suspicious. at the scene of the shootout with the police officers the pressure cooker type device was fall and the suspect was throwing it devices at the police. >> the time is 6:22 a.m.. we
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will continue to follow the latest zero we also want to pitch to a look at the weather and traffic. >> as we take a look at your temperature is currently we are in the 40's and '50's. he is 53 degrees in oakland, 43 out the door and novato. future cast 4 is tracking the temperatures and there will be plenty of 70's as we pushed closer to lunchtime. when will remain in the 60s along the coast and we are talking about 80s as we head into the afternoon. the temperatures and inland will be warmer than what we saw yesterday. however, we will be cooler along the coastline. there is more cloud cover north of the golden gate bridge. >> we're focusing on the afternoon highs 70's for sunnyvale and plenty of 80s to go or around the east bay as well. it will be 80 degrees for fairfield in
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concord. mid to upper 60s for downtown san francisco and 79 degrees for santa rosa. you're heading to the giants game at at&t park. off their facing off against the padres as 7:15 p.m.. the temperatures will be in the low 60's. dthere will be a string of sunshine and warm weather. was that close to the 90 degree mark. the time is 6:24 a.m.. >> there has been accident and it is a fatal one. it has close mission boulevard between blossom way and effort. there is no indication when it will be cleared up. accident has been reported if that could impact the southbound 101 ride. he is in more ran on the northbound side. a quick bridge check for you we are looking at the ride for the bay bridge and we do not have the me relies active.
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with stho much competition, finding the right job is never easy.. but with the nation's largest alumni network,, including those in kin hiring positions, university of phoenix can help connect you to a world of opportunity.y. >> 638 am and we continue to follow the manhunt that is underway this morning in the boston area. police are searching for the suspect in the marathon bombing. there were two brothers wanted for the bombing, one was killed over night after a big chase and the other is on the loose right now. we know that one m i t officer was killed there was a transit officer that was wounded in
6:31 am
connection with the chase over night. here is massachusetts gov. duval patrick. >> i've seen a very rapidly developing situation, i have been breached their out the night. you know the basics suspect one is dead and suspect to is on the run. we had eight officers seriously wounded two is in surgery right now. we haven't mit security officer who has been killed. there is a massive manhunt underway, a lot of law enforcement involved in that. to assist that we'll suspended all service on the am eta, public transit service and that will continue until we think it is safe to open all or some of that. we're asking people to shelter in place, of which means to stay indoors with the doors
6:32 am
locked and do not open the door for anyone other than a properly identified law enforcement officer. that implies the air and water town where we are right now, a cambridge, waltham, newton, belmont and at this point all of boston. this is a serious situation, we are taking it seriously. we are asking the public to take it seriously as well. as this law enforcement by following the simple instructions. we have every asset that we can possibly muster on the ground right now. they are doing a terrific jab and working with each other but we need the public to help us to help them they sa stay sa >> their report said he did have the explosives on his body and he detonated them as he was being shot.
6:33 am
they're still searching for the 19 year old, both from russia and chechnya. their parents still live in russia right now. we have the information about the suspects but we are also now hearing from some of the suspects france. >> u.s. a university of amateurs i believe he is on a break at this point. he worked at harvard university of believe as a lifeguard. it is all over social media, everyone is kind of in shock that he would do this. you saw a photograph of the younger brother who is on the lows. >> we were notified by the
6:34 am
boston mess radio system that we had a patient that was coming in with multiple injuries. that patient arrived here at 120 by boston but the wide crudwith a . he was in cardcardiac arrest. we tried to resuscitate this patient several times it was unsuccessful in at 1:39 a.m. he was pronounced. >> one-and one on the loose of the suspects and the boss boston marathon bombing that killed three people in injured 160 or more. one of
6:35 am
those boys was a martine as boy, aaron hearn. >> i just got done talking to the principle and she said she had good news to pass along and at the second surgery was not as intense as they thought. they think he could be back in school sooner than later. there the school project today and what they plan to do is pretty much shut down the entire school the kids can get together and do a video gramm and go on camera. once they get all of those messages they will get up loaded and however big the file may be, she said we will send it even if it takes all day to send it right to his laptop in his hospital room. he got a great visit from probably the world's most famous women, michelle obama. she stopped by the other day to visit aaron and his family to wish them well. aaron and his family were in boston to
6:36 am
a rout on and cheer on his mother who is getting very close to the finish line. aaron was moving in that direction when the last one off. he received superficial cuts to his body but the shrapnel went into his leg. that is why they had to rush into surgery immediately. the second surgery on wednesday it looked like everything was ok. this morning he find themselves out of the intensive care unit he probably will be back here sooner than later according to his mother. at first they thought might be seven to 10 days in boston but now maybe sometime next week. the principle was to take at thank everyone out there for their generous donations and their thoughts and prayers. the one to pass this message on to people out there. martinez is coming together to help the family with the funds and if you do not live in martinez and want to help the family they have set up an account at any wells fargo bank. all yet to do is walk in there and say you are there for
6:37 am
aaron hearn and mention the recovery fund and you can make a donation. the surgeries are very expensive. >> stay with crown >> 7 kron4 as we continue to search for in the suspected bomber. we will have the latest on >> we're starting out mainly clear skies, sunny and pleasant just a few miles north of the golden gate bridge. we could see nineties as we start the next workweek. temperatures right now are mainly in the 40's and '50's with the exception of have monday currently at 39 degrees. we will track these numbers in the afternoon, happened just a couple of minutes.
6:38 am
>> a quick commute checked, the bridges around the bay area of the bay bridge toll plaza has a moderate back up. so the traffic reaches 88880 over crossing for a 16 to 18 minute commute time. so the san mateo bridge, highway 92 we have no delays across the span. drive times are at 11 minutes. for your commute to the golden gate bridge, an easy ride northbound and southbound. the only incident amaranth freer commute between about and sam and cisco is on the northbound side of 1 01. >> 638, we will take a break and come back with coverage in just a minute. a live look at san francisco where a run is about to get under way in honor of the victims of the boston marathon bombings. it is start to set set to start at 7:00 a.m. and the run for boston race
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>> 641 a m they continue to search for more survivors but they know that the majority of the people were killed in texas and it fertilizer plant that just exploded into that giant fireball thursday night. they're run hundred 60 are more that are wounded. this morning, what we know is that the death toll has risen. the exact number is on clear. cn and reporting from the mayor of west saying 35 people that are dead including 10 first responders. the west emergency management director says the death toll could spike to 60 or 70 once
6:43 am
they are able to get to the bottom of the rubble and discover any other big guns and the plant. you concede there is hardly the thing left of it as it exploded into a fireball and collapse. there was not even much trouble to go through there. apartment buildings, a nursing home nearby. those were all just torn to shreds. >> we'll take a break at 640, we have much more news straight ahead. these are pictures out of montgomery county maryland where we understand another uncle of the suspects lives. we of the story stretching out into maryland, south of massachusetts. is a fairly well-to-do looking neighborhood. will we back it with more in just a few minutes.
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>> we're back at 6:46 a.m. and 2 sussex still wantsuspectse they're doing it mass of door-to-door manhunt and wants in. he is 19 years old he is from the cambridge area, he may have moved to the u.s. about 10 years ago. originally he is from chechnya and russia. he is the one and only suspect the police are hunting for this morning. there is so much information not coming out about these two brothers. they've been in the lae u. s.
6:48 am
they went to grade school, high school and college. there people there saying they know them from school and they were popular and that one has worked as a lifeguard harvard. >> one of his classmates this ride him as " a cool guy " and here we are today with him as a prime suspect. >> you can understand after the chase that happened that the older brother of the conversation and issue debt and the bombs. the police are concerned that this other brother may go to great lengths and some type of and game. that is why everything is in locked down right now. >> we're adding more and
6:49 am
more from people who actually knew the brothers, especially the brother that is on the loose right now. here's what one of his friends had to say about the disbelief that they saw the photo that he was wanted. >> from the sun rose the fbi had released, the way that he wore his hat, that is something that he would normally do. once i saw the photos, i had an idea it was him but i didn't want to throw someone i knew personally under the bust and assumed it was him. it was a bad joke that it looked like him clearly it was not a joke. i should take in a little more seriously on my part. it was a shock. >> their parents are in
6:50 am
russia, they live in russia. they do have two uncles who are here in the united states. there's one in the boston area this morning and media is starting to gather outside the house of the other on call that lives in maryland. we're expecting to hear other family members of these two suspects. we will continue coverage on air and on line and on our web site as well on kron4 .com. one suspect shot and killed, the other one on the lows. >> a stretch of mission boulevard in hayward was shut down this morning and investigators are looking into a fatal crash that happened between a pedestrian in a police cruiser, mike pelton is on the same. >> this is the shares deputy
6:51 am
vehicle that was involved in the front and receive quite a bit of damage. the coroner is still on the scene but they have not yet removed the body. the chp and california county sheriff's office are still processing. a sheriff's deputy with nine years' experience was driving northbound on mission boulevard following up on a report of a stolen vehicle. the deputy was not actively involved in the pursuit. that is when they say the deputies struck and killed a man who was either in the crosswalk are right around the crosswalk and another one was with the victim at the time of the incident. she was taken to the hospital and we are not sure she was struck or exactly what type of injuries that she received. he is giving a statement about what happened there in the chp will take over this investigation. this road, ms symbol bart is closed. the
6:52 am
officers say this road is going to be shut down for quite awhile this morning. >> it is a marked car but was not speeding. when the lights flashing at the time? >> of stories tell me it is hard to tell exactly how fiat past he was going, that is part of the investigation. he was not actively chasing anyone, he was in the area following up on a pursuit that had ended and was perhaps headed back to the station. he may be did not see him but that is part of the investigation. >> waking up to clear skies, temperatures in the '70s along the coastline of most of those working up to the '50's and 40's in the bay area. it will warm by lunchtime, '80s and lynn buyer afternoon highs. 60s,
6:53 am
maybe seven these remaining by 8:00 p.m. tonight. after nine highs, 78 palo alto, 80 degrees and mountain view. 84 walnut creek, concord mid to upper 60s for downtown san francisco and those '70s for the east bay shoreline. satellite and radar shows clear dry conditions over the bay area but we're seeing an increase in cloud cover. that is all associated with this area of low pressure bringing in wet weather to the pacific northwest. 7 day around the bay shows presley warm weather and by monday to the jurors will be very close to that 90 degree mark. 6:53 a.m. and here is george. >> mission boulevard is shut down and hayward, the businesses it is having minor impact on traffic. a
6:54 am
look of the bridges shows light traffic for your ride around the bay this morning, only a moderate back above the bay bridge toll plaza. the san mateo bridge, highway 92, drive times are still 11 minutes and we are incident free freak and problem free. the golden gate bridge southbound there are no delays. and earlier occurring axa and northbound add to a broad boulevard is not having an impact on the ride. 64 a.m. and we will take a break and be right back with a kron4 morning news. whenwh allerllgies and nasal congestion hit
6:55 am
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>> 657 a m and we continue to my church breaking news in the boston area. the second suspect, on the list 19 years old boston area we will have more in a couple
6:58 am
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